5 Ways of Penalized By Google Search

Google has a list of guidelines that they follow to rank websites. If you violate these guidelines, you will get penalized by Google Search.

The penalties are different, but there are five common ways that Google can penalize your website.

1) Unnatural Links: Links from spammy sites or links that include anchor text that doesn’t match the content of the page it’s linking to.
2) Unnatural Keywords: Keywords on your site that don’t match what people search for in Google.
3) Low-Quality Content: Pages with low-quality content and thin content will be penalized by Google Search.
4) Duplicate Content: Copying content from other websites or from within your site is considered duplicate content and will be penalized by Google Search.
5) Buying Reviews: Purchasing fake reviews on Google Search can lead to disastrous consequences that take weeks to resolve.

So, if you want your business to succeed and grow, don’t try to outsmart google because it will only hurt your business in the long run. Google is always watching you!