What is Local SEO, why it’s important?


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Local searches are everywhere. Whether you are browsing the internet on a cellphone or laptop, you make searches this way whenever you have to visit to look for a service provider.

And with such trendy screaming search terms, the need for local SEO increases.

This simply means that you should online your optimization technique i.e., content, link building with local SEO efforts. Moreover, your local signals should also need to be consistent and accurate.

Providing different information about the same business can cost you by 67% as data scientists explore.

Here are a few exciting stats to know why local SEO is important:

Nearly half of the people who made local searches on their phones went to a physical store within a day.
Local searches make 46% of all searches.
97% of people tend to learn more about a local business than others.
18% of local searchers make purchases in a day. (Source: Think with Google)

Should my business opt for local sEO?
Being an SEO expert, I hear this question multiple times a week from doctors, lawyers, and cafe owners. “Why shouldn’t you?” I counter question most of the time.

If you’re a law firm, private clinic, dental surgeon, school owner, or running your restaurant or even a coffee bar, local SEO is, certainly, for you.

It will make your business appear close to me and near me searches bringing your potential customers to your place. People can call you in the least time and reach you out quickly. If you are a service provider they can more easily approach you at the last minute. Moreover, your potential customers can read reviews and the quality of the service you are offering.

Wondering what elements are important for Local SEO?

Local SEO isn’t much different. It includes keyword research, content, links, and on-page technical SEO but only with a local focus. You should curate your content focusing on my words, as well as in a conversational tone, that must be thin and not like Wikipedia type dry stuff.

Your content must convey a sense of emergency encouraging the customers to take rapid action. Plus, list your business on local directories, Google and Bing listings, Yell, yellow directories, and more for better results.

As stated earlier, your information must be consistent at every medium.

So, these are some important tips to consider while observing local SEO practice for your business.

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